Rivers. Roads. God.

7 06 2007

A couple weeks back I was flying into Detroit. It was one of those rare spring days where the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Looking down at the earth, my eyes caught a winding river. It was amazing how much it went back and forth until it finally emptied into the Detroit River. At places it seems to go so far out of it’s way to get to it’s final destination. Crossing the river was I-75 and other man-made roads crisscrossing the landscape. Almost every single road was straight. Someone plotted out the shortest path to get from one place to another and built a road. Then it hit me…almost everything God makes is curved, non-linear and unique. Trees. Shorelines. Flowers. And almost everything man makes contains straight lines. Buildings. Roads. Books. Computers.

We often approach life and our spiritual journey in a linear way. What is the shortest path that I can get from where I am now to where I want to go? No detours. No curves. No distractions. I like things to happen quickly and I am focused on reaching the destination. But I think God has a different story unfolding in front of us. Because Christ is taking us on a journey, not just to a destination, there will be curves on our lives. He designed the world that way. He’s working in our lives that way. There are new things that He wants to reveal to us around every corner. I am learning to relax when the curves come and enjoy the long and winding road.




One response

7 06 2007

That’s a challenging thought…to enjoy the curves in life. From a distance the curves look beautiful, but often times I find that they are hard to deal with when you’re going through them. You know like when you’re in a canoe and it’s sometimes hard to steer through them….you have to decide when to paddle, how hard to paddle, and which side of the canoe to paddle on. I’m usually over thinking and over planning the whole ride, instead of sitting back enjoying the adventure of the journey, and the beauty of the scenery. I find myself always wanting to know what’s ahead, and it’s much easier to see on a straight path. Those curvy paths often have a way of taking the control out of my hands and putting it into God’s. I guess that’s how it should be. So, now I have my challenge for the week…to sit back, enjoy the ride, and to be filled with the excitement of not knowing what’s ahead.

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