Father’s Day

18 06 2007

fathers day

As a father of three girls, being a dad is one of the most rewarding, challenging, enjoyable, exhausting and life-changing priveleges in life. It’s literally kept me on my knees, depending on Christ for guidance and help. What I find interesting is that every time you seem to feel like you’ve got it figured out, they grow another year older and everything changes. You think I was good at being the goofy, silly dad when they were little. I had it down, but now they are teenagers and they give me the “get serious dad” look. The target keeps moving. Sunday I asked, a high school girl what her dad could do for her that said “I love you.” She said, “Take me out to a restaurant…just the two of us.” Enjoy the journey Dads. Even though Dads don’t seem to get a lot of credit these days, what you do it so very important in the lives of your kids. Building into your children is one of the greatest investments of your time each week. It’s so worth it.




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27 06 2007
Laurie Purgaric

I read a Detroit News/Freep article on Father’s Day. A police officer tells why he mentors inner-city kids and makes time for his own, and a military dad talks about being there for his infant son. Both dads grew up in homes without fathers and didn’t want that for their own children. In fact, the police officer’s passion to help kids came from his own childhood experience. What’s the point? The media and our society seem to applaud single parenthood and downplay fathers. The truth? Fatherless children grow up with a real void in their lives that can last a lifetime. Dads, don’t underrate your role as a parent, you are just as important as moms for the heart of a child.

27 06 2007
Tim Kade

That so true. God designed us to need BOTH a great mom and a godly dad in our life. Dads are so important. Thank God for all the men that take time to be that male role model in the lives of kids that don’t have a father figure around. I think God is going to open the door to reach out to young men through the Crossing Bridges Ministry in the City.

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