Chasing DayLight: Summer Book Club

22 06 2007

Adventure awaits. Opportunity is all around us. In the book “Chasing0785281134.jpg
Daylight,” Erwin McManus calls us to risk everything for a life of genuine purpose. The biblical character of Jonathan was a man filled with faith and doubt, who stepped out to launch a daring attack that energized his people. With that attitude, we can be movers and shakers rather than moaners and slackers.

Each week, we’ll share together new spiritual insights, leadings and learnings.

  • June 25 – Chaper #1 Choices: Choose to Live
  • July 2 – Initiative: Just Do Something
  • July 9 – Uncertainty: Know You Don’t Know
  • July 16 – Influence: Breath In, Breath Out
  • July 23 – Risk: Live Before You Die, and Vise Versa
  • July 30 – Advance: Go Unless You Get a No
  • Aug 5 – Impact: Leave a Mark
  • Aug 12 – Movement: Ignite a Reaction
  • Aug 19 – Awakening: Wake the Dead

Pick up the book. Listen to God. Share Your Story.




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