4th of July Ducks

3 07 2007

The 4th of July always brings up great memories for me. I grew up in the small town of Clawson which always threw a great party on the 4th…a small town parade, festival food (who doesn’t love an elephant ear?), a community fair with rides and games, a Fireman Dept. water battle (you always got wet) and best of all fireworks at night. As kids, we would hang out at the park all day, or at least until our money ran out.


One of the best memories was when my Aunt wanted to win my brother a prize, but she kept losing at every carnival game. When she arrived at the Ducky Game, she knew this was her moment to finally win the long awaited prize. So when the carny called off the winning number and his back turned to us, she lifted up all the ducks in front of her until she found the winning number. With sweet revenge to all the games where she lost money, she exclaimed “I’m a Winner.”

It guess it wasn’t right, but my brother went home that day with a great stuffed animal and we when home with a moment that would live on as legendary. On every July 4th, we would recall with a smile, “Remember the time when Aunt Janet…” Now that’s the stuff of childhood.

Whatever you’re doing this 4th with your family or friends, make a memory. Take a chance. Do something different. Really live. And may the legendary memory you make, be one that you will recall with fondness for years to come.




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