Unplugged in NYC

3 08 2007

Our family had the joy of spending our vacation in New York City. The hotel we stayed at didn’t have free WiFi. Did you ever notice that the more expensive the hotel is the less likely they are to have free internet? Well, I am too frugal to pay $10 a day, so I had to unplug for a week. After I made it through the tech withdrawals, it was actually a blessing from God.

I believe technology is a great gift, but to experience real relaxation on vacation, unplugging is essential. Life is more than work, even church work. We often make unimportant things an emergency which we need to contacted for. The world doesn’t crash when you log off or power down your phone. Do I really need to know every know every detail of what’s happening on the news? Or sports scores? Or at work? Is that one sale going to make or break your life?

Our lives are so noisy, we’ve forgotten what it is like to be unplugged. Undivided attention is essential to really listening, not just hearing, those who are seated right in front of us. Slowing down is essential to fully engaging the people in our lives. Silence and quiet is an essential ingredient for us to hear the voice of God. The psalmist said it this way, “Be still and know that I am God” (psalm 46:10)

Sometimes we are so busy living that we miss life.




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