Chapter 5: Risk, Live Before You Die, Die Before You Live

6 08 2007

chasing daylight

Well the “unplugging deal” has me behind schedule. Chapter 5 is one of my favorite subjects…Risk. It also which brings me to “Tim’s Critical Event #5: Africa by way of Baltimore”

“Part of the divine adventure is experiencing the miraculous hand of God as He intervenes in your life…We all want miracles, but we want to avoid needing them…Wouldn’t it be great to be Lazarus experiencing the power of God raising you from the dead? Of course, there is a downside. You have to die for this to happen” p. 141

When Kathy and I got marred, we didn’t have our life all planned out. Our simple prayer was, “God, we give our lives to you. Use us Christ to tell people about You. Use us wherever, whenever and however you would like Lord.” We saw our life as a book of blank pages for Christ to fill in with the adventure of following Him. As we looked to Him, He’ll write the story of our life.

He first took us to the inner city of Baltimore to work with a urban church for the summer. We lived on a street with gangs, drug dealers, abused kids, cockroaches, rats, and an incredible God who proved His faithfulness over and over. The following summer, we moved to Ghana, West Africa for a two year mission trip to plant churches and train leaders. The difference this time, our family was now three, with our 4 month old daughter Emily joining us on the adventure of following Christ. We were scared to death both times. Our first day in Baltimore all we wanted to do is get back on the freeway and head back to the Midwest. When we waved goodbye to our families and got on the plane to fly to Africa, every fear went though us and we wept uncontrollably. However in both places, God stretched our faith, showed up in our lives and came through big time as people discovered Christ for the first time. It all came back to the willingness to risk. There were tons of miracles that couldn’t have happened if we would stayed in a safe and spiritually comfortable place. Risk is an essential part of a relationship with Christ.

Where is God calling you risk? Are you willing to go to that place where you are completely dependant on Christ? Step into the divine moment.




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