Chapter #6, Advance: Go Unless You Get a No

8 08 2007

chasing daylight

After spending a week in New York, here’s a couple of observations:

1. There are a lot of people in Manhattan. 1.5 million in 22 square miles. That’s 67,000 people every square mile. That’s more people than everyone in Oakland County packed into an area 10 square miles smaller than Rochester Hills. Or twice as many as Macomb County living in an area 30% smaller than Shelby Twp.

ny people

2. They are all going somewhere. Sidewalks full of people. Taxis everywhere. Packed Subways. It was a sea of constant movement at all hours of the day.

3. They move in “GO MODE.” No one is waiting for you to get out their way. As one person said “it’s not that New Yorkers are rude drivers when they cut you off, they see there’s a space in front of you that you’re not using, so they might as well use it.” Finally someone who drives like me.

As I was watching all this movement, it hit me about my own spiritual journey. So often I find myself living in “Wait Mode” instead of living in “Go Mode” I’m waiting on God to direct me; I’m waiting for Him to open doors; I’m waiting for Him to show me what to do. Let me be honest…I like waiting, because it’s safer, easier and less risky. But often times as Christ followers, we use “I’m waiting on God” as an excuse for laziness. With one word, Jesus changed all that. “Go.”

Go Mode.

“Go and make disciples of all nations”(Matthew 28:18-20). I have from Christ the prime directive. I am called to be His witness. Christ begins with Go, but we often begin with Wait. Is it possible that we’ve had our spiritual journey backward? Could it be that that instead of us waiting on God, He has been waiting on us? He’s stuck behind us in traffic and He’s saying “It doesn’t get any greener than this. Let’s move.”

Go Mode.

“There are millions of people our there in the world to reach out to and I want to use you.” The journey starts with that stressed out coworker down the hall at work who’s marriage is falling apart. It begins with the lonely neighbor pulling into their driveway down the street who doesn’t have anyone that they can really call a friend. It’s all about family member that doesn’t know Christ and desperately needs someone to show her unconditional love. It’s about the exhausted mom with crying kids at the grocery store that is looking for the place that she can find real peace. Look into the eyes of each person that God brings into your life this week. May God use you and I to reach out to them. Today is the day we move from “Wait Mode” to “Go Mode.”

If you haven’t read Chapter #6, I think it’s the best in the book.




One response

11 08 2007
Kim Schoenherr

Tim – You are doing a fabulous job encouraging all us non-bloggers at Epic. It is a little out of my comfort zone to put something out there for all to see, but that is what this chapter was about. Fear has no place in my life anymore, I want God to take over all those fears that I have been holding onto. The story Erwin McManus writes about jumping off the high dive was a great illustration of how we let our fears hold us back from the incredible comfort of what God offers to us when he says jump and you realize you landed in his arms. I jumped recently when I left my job to take another position that I felt God brought just for me. It was a huge jump, one without the security of knowing where I might land, but I’m putting my faith in God that he will be holding onto me and guiding me so that when we land it won’t really matter where because God will be holding me securely in his arms.

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