Gone. Part 1

30 08 2007

I was sitting at Starbucks for my Saturday morning ritual of finishing the Sunday message. It was a great morning with God and I was looking forward to a great new series at Epic “just walk across the room.” As I went to pack up my bag, my laptop computer slipped off the table. Crash! A small dent in the corner. After realizing the computer wasn’t running and I couldn’t access any of my files, one of my worst nightmares became a reality. Everything I’ve worked on for the past two years…GONE.

After a few anxious days, the Mac Genius said “all was not lost”as diagnosed it not as the broken hard-drive, but some other broken chip in the computer. He showed my how to access the files from another computer. Until I get get a new computer, I am using the kids very slow Mac Mini which limits my work to home.




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