Now Playing in My iPod: All of the Above

28 09 2007

Last week I picked up the lastest CD All of the Above from Hillsong United. Best Worship CD I’ve bought in years. The song that’s impacted me the most so far is Found. The entire CD is powerful and moving. Here’s a sample…Solution


Christians are Weird

27 09 2007

Last week, Kathy and I attended a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert with some friends in Grand Rapids. The opening band, Sanctus Real, was rocking out and we heard what sounded like a tambourine. We thought “That’s odd, I don’t see anyone playing a tambourine and it didn’t go with the band’s sound at all.” A few minutes later we noticed someone in the crowd had actually bought a tambourine to the concert and was playing along with the band. All I could think of was the “More Cowbell” skit from SNL. Sometimes Christians are just plain weird. Fortunately security told him to stop playing, because people came to hear the band.

Chasing Daylight: Door Hangers. Ripples. Eternity.

20 09 2007

0785281134.jpg“One of the wonderful results of seizing your divine moment is that it pulls so many others into their. Not everyone moves at the same pace. Some people move at the speed of light, but for some people the light never seems to turn green. What you may never see is the number of people who are pulled into God’s purpose for their lives through the wind shear of your obedience.” p. 216

As I was hanging the Epic invitation door-hangers last night in the community, I was overwhelmed by the thoughts of the people in each home. What is the story of their life? What are their struggles? What are their dreams? Have they discovered the adventure of God’s plan for their lives? Or have they settled for the status quo? I prayed in this next year that each home would experience Christ in a real and personal way.I prayed that Epic could be a place that they could discover who Christ is and the joy of following Him.

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New Series@Epic: Losing My Religion

20 09 2007

lmr-logo-final-small.jpgEveryone is looking for something real. In this four week series, we’ll unpack the words of Jesus and uncover the difference between religion and a relationship with God. One leads to irrelevance; the other leads to life change. One leads to rules; the other leads to love. or a change? Transformation Begins September 23

Everyone Invited

13 09 2007

hanger.jpgJesus gave the disciples a challenge to “go” into all the world and make disciples of all nations. These 11 guys had only been with Jesus for three years and had never been out of Israel. But these “not so ready for prime time players” with the power of God and his strength of His presense, took the message out and the world has never been the same. We are in a relationship with God today, because they said “yes” to the challenge 2000 years ago.

Now is our turn…This Saturday, Sept 15 @ 10-12 AND Wed. Sept. 19 @ 6:30-8, We will be hanging door hangers in all the Rochester and Shelby neighborhoods around Hart Middle School. No knocking. No talking. Just walking and hanging door hangers. There are people in these homes that desperately need Christ. Pick a date that fits with your schedule. Will end with Ice Cream @ Dairy Queen. I’m buying. Meet @ Hart Parking Lot.

We can do this. We will do this. Not for us…but for the glory of God.

Epic @ Arts & Apples

12 09 2007


What an incredible weekend at Arts and Apples Festival on Friday through Sunday in Rochester. We came together as a church and were able to make a Read the rest of this entry »


7 09 2007

kick off karnival