Defying Gravity

4 09 2007

A couple weeks ago, our family took a trip to Chicago to see the the play “Wicked.” What an incredible production! Sometimes you experience a song, movie or a play that moves you on a deep level and motivates you let go of all the things that hold you back from becoming the person that you long to be. That was Wicked for me.

Wicked is the back story of the so called “good” and “wicked”witches in Oz before Dorothy shows up. One is popular and the other is misunderstood, labeled and slandered all because she was different than everyone else. The story really hit home on a personal level for me. All of my life, I have felt that I didn’t quite fit into the society’s mold. Ever felt like that? Ever feel like you don’t fit in? Ever feel like people don’t understand you? Every had people talk about you behind your back because you were different? Ever had people try to pull you down?

Society has a way of ostracizing those that are different. Instead of embracing people as a person created and loved by God, people are labeled, categorized and gossiped about. And unfortunately the place where I see it most of all is in the church. Not at Epic, but in conversations with Christians who are more into criticizing than Christ and more into judging than Jesus. And somewhere along the way, Christianity got confused with conformity.

Let me be clear, I’m not minimizing what the Bible says about who God is or what is sin, but I am talking about maximizing love and following the example of Christ in the way He noticed, accepted and cared for people. Maybe Christ cared so much about outsiders, because He didn’t fit into the mold of society. The one place He should have fit in, He didn’t…in the religious community. It’s was the church leaders that labeled him “different,” slandered the way He did ministry, and ultimately worked behind the scenes to pull him down and crucify Him.

As Christ followers, never, never let someones limited view of you…limit your view of yourself. Never let their words, even as hurtful as they are, hold you back from living God’s vision for your life. Never let them pull you down. Never let them stop you from following Christ in what He’s called you to do.

Defy Gravity!




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