Epic @ Arts & Apples

12 09 2007


What an incredible weekend at Arts and Apples Festival on Friday through Sunday in Rochester. We came together as a church and were able to make a difference in the community, one person at a time. By the end of the weekend, we passed out over 4,000 free water bottles, 400 frisbees, helped kids make over 250 bracelets, and invited hundreds of people to the Kick-Off Karnival on September 23. People were so appreciative of the free gifts that we lost count of how many great conversations that took place. We also had at least one family visit the church on Sunday after stopping by the booth on Saturday. I know there were many others that we inspired and touched in some way, or maybe even helped to take their next step with God.

Brandon Kennedy, TeamOutreach Director said, “It truly could not have happened without each and every person that volunteered. It’s great to see things like this that really display what being a Christian is all about. Everyone did a wonderful job of representing what we are all about here at Epic. Again, thank you for your help. It was a joy to serve with you all.”

“Let your light shine before others in such away that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16




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