Chasing Daylight: Door Hangers. Ripples. Eternity.

20 09 2007

0785281134.jpg“One of the wonderful results of seizing your divine moment is that it pulls so many others into their. Not everyone moves at the same pace. Some people move at the speed of light, but for some people the light never seems to turn green. What you may never see is the number of people who are pulled into God’s purpose for their lives through the wind shear of your obedience.” p. 216

As I was hanging the Epic invitation door-hangers last night in the community, I was overwhelmed by the thoughts of the people in each home. What is the story of their life? What are their struggles? What are their dreams? Have they discovered the adventure of God’s plan for their lives? Or have they settled for the status quo? I prayed in this next year that each home would experience Christ in a real and personal way.I prayed that Epic could be a place that they could discover who Christ is and the joy of following Him.

I was also inspired by each Epic member who came out to serve the community. They could have chosen to stay home, enjoy their family and channel surf the night away, but something compelled them to come out. It’s wasn’t the ice cream at Dairy Queen at the end of the night or the thought of handing out 5000 invites, it was the desire to see someone experience the same thing they’ve experience with Christ. Real Love. Real Grace. Real Freedom.

Nothing is better than relationship with Christ. Nothing is more exciting than sharing Christ with those we meet each week. May every single one of us be the kinds of people who “walk across the room”… reach out a hand in love…speak a kind word…share the message of Christ.

Your life has a ripple effect in the world around you. One act of faithfulness to God could impact the faith journey of so many others. One simple invitation could open the door for an entire family to experience a transformational relationship with Christ. One simple invitation could save a marriage. One simple invitation could change the trajectory of someones life and eternity.

Eternity will never be the same.

“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of. ” Jesus, John 10:10




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5 08 2009
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