Fairly Oddparents

29 10 2007

In 16 years of marriage, Kathy and I had never been to a Halloween party where we dressed up. I’m kind of a “Halloween’s for kids” kind of guy. All that changed Saturday. Here’s to firsts…Cosmo and Wanda from Nickelodeons Fairly Oddparents (which isn’t much of a stretch). The kids had blast spray painting our hair.tim kade.jpg




26 10 2007

God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him. Romans 5:8

Christianity Has an Image Problem

25 10 2007

unchristian.jpgIn my Fusion Group, we’re in the middle of a study about reaching out to “walking across the room” to share Christ with people. We’re learning practical ways to extend a hand of love to someone far from God and helping to point them to faith. As we talked last night, we found that one of the major hurdles is the perception that people have of Christianity. For many their first hand experience with Christianity and Christians left such a bad taste in their mouth that they were turned off from exploring God. As we talked we came to the realization that words like “uptight,” “judgmental,” “pushy” and “self-righteous” commonly describe Christians.

People something is wrong. This was not the community that Christ was dreaming about when He said, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” This was not what Christ was calling the church to be when He said, “You are the light of the world.”

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Epic Environments: Draft #1

21 10 2007

At Epic, we’re all about movement. To help everyone experience God, build great relationship and have a blast, we came up with four systematic environments (foyer, living room, kitchen, deck) to move everyone forward.…let me know what you think.


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30/30: Thermometers. Thermostats. Your Home.

18 10 2007


As a kid I was always amazed with that strange looking machine on the wall in our home. I wasn’t really sure what it was there for until a cold winter morning when I saw my mom fiddling with what she called “thermostat.” It sounded like the thing hanging outside the window, but it had a dramatically different purpose. A thermometer reflects the climate, but a thermostat sets the climate.

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New Series@Epic: Life Rules

9 10 2007

life rules

When we were kids, half the fun was breaking the rules without getting caught. In life though, there’s nothing fun about broken promises, broken relationships or a broken heart. In this six week series, we’ll explain that God has given us a set of life rules that can improve our current relationships and help restore hurting ones.

  • Oct. 21 Rules of Engagement
  • Oct 28 Free to Forgive
  • Nov 4 The Act of Acceptance
  • Nov 11 It’s Your Serve
  • Nov 18 The Courage to Encourage
  • Nov 25 I Submit

Catalyst Conference 2007

8 10 2007

God spoke. We listened.

Catalyst Conference 2008

Kathy and I had the privilege of attending this years Catalyst Conference with 11,000 church leaders from around the country. The speakers were incredible, the humor was hilarious, the worship was off the hook, but to be completely honest, the greatest impact was personally in my walk with God. It was like a breath of fresh air and something I’ve personally needed for a long time. Here’s some quotable thoughts from the conference that are moving around in my heart and mind…

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