Catalyst Conference 2007

8 10 2007

God spoke. We listened.

Catalyst Conference 2008

Kathy and I had the privilege of attending this years Catalyst Conference with 11,000 church leaders from around the country. The speakers were incredible, the humor was hilarious, the worship was off the hook, but to be completely honest, the greatest impact was personally in my walk with God. It was like a breath of fresh air and something I’ve personally needed for a long time. Here’s some quotable thoughts from the conference that are moving around in my heart and mind…

  • “Reverb: What will you do?”
  • “Play your life in offense, not defense…live in such a way that you will tell stories about your faith life”
  • “Treat them like they are Christian until they realize they are not”
  • “Fall in love with the people you are called to reach”
  • “Son, we are all shot. Get in and drive” Blackhawk Down
  • “Are you a thermometer or thermostat?”
  • “It’s not about us, God doesn’t want us to steal his glory”
  • “It’s often 1% of the population that sways the other 99% for positive good”
  • “Leverage your power for the sake of the other people in the room.”
  • “Job Misery = Irrelevance, Immeasurement, Anonymity”
  • “You will have a greater impact for the kingdom of God in the lives of those people you work with everyday than on any mission trip”
  • “Christians are not hated for their righteousness, they are hated for their self righteousness”
  • “I’ve given up Christianity in order to follow Jesus”
  • “The church is like Noah’s Arc…it stinks sometimes, but if you get out, you’ll drown”
  • “I forgot to love Jesus”
  • “If Jesus had a church in Simi Valley, mine would be bigger”
  • “Set apart from birth”
  • “Suck it up”
  • “The kingdom of of God is where Jesus is the king”
  • “Love the real church, not the ideal church”
  • “Intentionally add value to people everyday”
  • “Practical Atheism…we start to believe our effort is better than God’s power”
  • “Disturb me”
  • “Do you preach to believers or seekers? I preach to humans”
  • “God seems to act most powerfully in people who act courageously”
  • “Sometime we say things that aren’t true…God is all I want and all I need”
  • “The leaders goal is to lead people into proactive creators of the future God desires”
  • “God takes tragedy and makes beauty”
  • “You have permission to be human…maybe being human is the best thing we can do”
  • “List 3 behaviors that you wished characterized your group. List one thing you are doing systematically to motivate people toward the behavior. List things you are doing that encourage the opposite behavior and eliminate them”
  • “We are the redeemed. We are the ones who are free and we belong to Jesus. We are now alive and in this world we will shine. And we belong to Jesus”



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