Epic Environments: Draft #1

21 10 2007

At Epic, we’re all about movement. To help everyone experience God, build great relationship and have a blast, we came up with four systematic environments (foyer, living room, kitchen, deck) to move everyone forward.…let me know what you think.


Here at Epic, our home is your home. God designed you to grow spiritually. God is writing an epic story in this world and you have a crucial role to play in the story. Epic designed several environments to move you forward in your journey with God and develop a deeper bond with others. As you look at each environment, ask God what is my next step?

In your home the foyer is a place where you make a connection with your guests for the first time. You take their coat, help them feel at ease, and make them feel comfortable. The same is true at Epic, from the first visit we want everyone to fit in and feel right at home. Theses are large group gatherings on Sunday Morning.

  • Worship Experience
  • Epic Explorers

Living Room
In our living room we take it one step further. At home after you welcome someone in, you head to the living room to sit and get to know each other better. This environment is the perfect place to connect with people like yourself. These Midsize environments are a great place to discover similarities and start building friendships.

  • TeamVelocity (1st Wednesday of the month)
  • EpicConnect (3rd week of the month)

The kitchen is where you gather with your closest friends and family. Deep conversations and lasting memories happen here. At Epic, this is where you go to dig deep into God’s word, develop real friendships and journey through life together.

  • Fusion Groups (meet twice a month)
  • Catalyst Leadership


The deck is where you fire up the barbecue, host a party and invite the neighbors over. These are environments to extend community to people in need and who have yet to meet Christ. God’s plan is that you would have an impact your neighborhood, the inner city and around the world.

  • EpicMissions



2 responses

24 10 2007
Jodi Kade

Good Stuff Man…Good Stuff!

27 10 2007
Denise Hillbom

I like it Tim, Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

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