Vision. Dreams. Reality.

7 11 2007

I was looking though some old files from when Epic began and I ran across these notes from a meeting where each leader shared about their dreams for a new community of Christ followers. Here’s exactly what was said that night in 2005…

  • A church of total acceptance.
  • People being real, discussing deep issues and experiencing real transformation.
  • Safe environment to tell your story.
  • 1/3 Seekers, 1/3 New Believers 1/3 Fully Devoted Followers.
  • Mentoring Community.
  • Be a Jesus Community – not just talk about it … live it.
  • Thirsty for God and God’s Word.
  • Unashamed love for Jesus.
  • Fun.
  • Kids excited about their experience with God.
  • Grab a hold of the movement of God.

It’s was encouraging to see that God has been faithful. When we wrote those thing down, it was only a dream on paper. It’s incredible to see pretty much all of those dreams a reality today in 2007. Turning a dream into reality is often more challenging than you initially think, but it’s always more rewarding.

TeamEpic it’s a joy to serve Christ with you. Live the Adventure!




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