30/30: The Remote. S Word. Reverence

27 11 2007

life rulesThere is one thing that drives me crazy when I sit down to watch TV. More than content of the program, more than who is in the room, more than hours of Hannah Montana, Project Runway or chic flicks (Can you tell I live in a house full of women?). What drives me nuts? Not holding the remote. I want to be in control.

The closing message of Epic’s “Life Rules” Series was about a word that none of us like all that much: Submit. Well we don’t mind at all when someone is submitting to us, but it we don’t naturally want to give in to someone else. After all when I’m holding the remote, life is better for everyone in the room. At least that’s what I tell myself.

In writing to a young church in Ephesus, Paul instructs them that this “I’m in control” thinking is completely reversed when you become a follower of Christ. “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” Ephesians 5:21. We are called by God to now mutually submit to one other. My new life rule is to look for ways to put you first, honor your opinion and serve you with my life. “But God you don’t know the people in my life. You should see how they treat me, why should I submit to them?” This is why the second half of the verse is so important.

God is not asking us to submit to each other because they deserve it or because you will feel like it (I never do). Christ is asking us submit to one another because it shows reference and respect for your Savior Jesus Christ. When you put someone else first, it speaks volumes of our reverence and awe for what Christ did for both for them and us. Two thousand years ago, He put the needs, desires and yearnings of others ahead of his own in dying on the cross for them. He is simply asking us to for them, what He already done for them. If you are having trouble submitting…your focus has been on yourself or them. Our new focus is Christ and what He’s done for you.

Life Rules Final Exam: Do for others, as Christ has done for you.



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