The Story of Us

12 12 2007

tim-kathy2.jpgA few weeks back I caught the movie “The Story of Us” (1999) on late night TV. It told the story of couple who had struggled through 15 years of marriage and were considering a divorce. I was overwhelmed by the honesty of the characters and the realistic portrayal of marriage in the film. Bruce Willis and Michele Pfeiffer were superb. It was so uncomfortably honest, you almost wanted to turn the channel.

I think if I would have seen it when I got married 16 years ago , I would have dismissed it and said “No way, that will never happen to Kathy and I, because we’re different. We’re in love.” What a bunch of baloney! Everyone couple says “They’re in love,” but love is so much deeper than a feeling. Feelings come and go and then come back again, but marriage is a unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. As I watched, I kept thinking that every other movie on love and marriage is an “unreal fantasy.” I think most movies portray an idyllic view of marriage that is unrealistic and unnormal. Marriage the greatest thing in the world and the most challenging thing all wrapped into one. It was truly the best movie I’ve ever seen on marriage and really gave Kathy and I some conversation points to talk about to improve our relationship.

After 16 years, I’m still so in love with Kathy and I’m still amazed that she actually picked me.



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21 10 2009
Susan Western

Hi there,
I’ve just created a blog and noticed the name of my blog is the title of one of your posts. Being a nosey person I had to read your post. I agree with you, “The Story of Us” was a very realistic portrayal of married life. I hope all is still going well with in your story.
Susan (Adelaide, Australia)

22 10 2009
Tim Kade

I checked out your blog…looks great. I love the template. lol!

Kathy and I just celebrated our 18th anniversary. Marriage has been one of the most difficult and rewarding journeys in our life. Every year you seem to peal off a new onion layer of authenticity. It might make you cry, but it’s getting closer to the core of experiencing deeper oneness as a couple. I see you’re on year 16…rock on!

Enjoy the journey of blogging. I’m excited for you! There is something about putting down on paper/screen what is really going on inside. I’ve never been a good journal person, but I have found blogging is really helpful for both my spiritual and personal life. If there is anything that I can help you with, let me know (even if it’s navigating WP, which took some time for me to figure out).

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