Catalyst: The Golden Budda

21 01 2008

golden-budda.jpgIMAGE: This principle teaches us that leaders cannot perform well if they fail to see the gold inside of them. Good leaders take personal inventory on their God-given gifts. This shapes their self-image and consequently, their results. We must align our self-esteem with our potential-not too much, not too little. What you see is what you get.

VERSE: Psalm 139:13-15

LEARNING: In Spiderman 2, Uncle Ben says to Peter Parker, “Where there is great power there is great responsibility.” You have been been entrusted with incredible God-given gifts and abilities by Christ. His primary reason that He gave them to you so you could use them to impact this world for Him.

Even after using my gifts for so many years, this was a great exercise for me. It made me realize that I have an “Activistic” Bent toward accomplishing crazy and dangerous things for Christ. I have always been more motivated by “moving forward for God” than “praying about God’s plan.” I’ve never been one to talk about things for to long, let’s get jiggy with it and be on task. There’s a world to reach…the time is now. If you’re not risking, you’re not living. Here’s my personal inventory from page 11 and 12 in Habitudes.

  1. Qualities: Upbeat. Relational. Funny. Love a Challenge. Forgiving. Accepting.
  2. Abilities: Leadership. Exhortation. Creativity. See the God’s potential in someone else. Motivating and unleashing people in their ministry.
  3. Passion: Sharing Christ with people. Developing Leaders. Growing Epic. Live Dangerous lives for Christ.
  4. Opportunities: 2008. Take Epic to 300 people in worship. Develop 35 multiplying leaders. Mentoring every epic team leader toward dynamic leading and activity. Reworking my schedule so that I am doing the things at Epic that fit my abilities and finding others to do the other things that fit theirs.
  5. Getting Personal (pick 1 or 2 that you struggle with): I struggle with “hiding the fact that I am down on myself” and “insecurity”.

Catalyst Leaders, now is your time to share your five…Be honest and brag on yourself a little




3 responses

24 01 2008
Denise Hillbom

I don’t know about you, but I often dwell on the negative parts of who I am as I see my reflection against Christ. So when we get to talk about the gold inside of us, our gifts, I get excited. It reminds me of the value God has placed in EVEN ME along with every single person he has created. We all have value and importance to God. It is great to be part of a church family that challenges us to discover our role in God’s story. When we do, we see our value and run into our gifts. It is important to spend time discovering our gifts and cultivating them because it pleases God. I have also learned that when we use the golden gifts from God to bring glory to Him, love and serve other, and share how this Christian life works for us, you find youself right in the middle of living that abundant life Christ promises. I know for myself, there is no greater joy in this life. Here is my inventory:

1. Qualities: unshakable faith, generous, positive attitude, adventurous, loving, kind and have a lot of energy.
2. Abilities: Teaching, mercy, wisdom, intercession and I am comfortable up-front in a leadership position.
3. Passions: To teach and encourage others towards Christ and His church family.
4. Opportunities: As spiritual growth director at Epic I have an opportunity to lead, encourage and equip my team to discover and use their golden gifts. I also challange and shepherd my fusion group towards the same. I am a grandmother, and I have an important roll in loving my grandchildren towars Christ.
5. I sometimes struggle with being down on myself. It is a matter of focus for me. If I take my eyes of Christ, I begin to go down that path of should haves and beat myself up.

25 01 2008

All week I have been mulling this lesson around in my thoughts, and honestly was not looking forward to having to respond. I wasn’t “feeling” the gold inside me, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Society tends to rob us of our confidence, to make us conform to the normal and the ordinary. Think about the little children you know and how full of life and expectancy that they are. When you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they usually respond with enthusiasm and have without doubt that they can be whatever they dream of being. Then, over time, enough people tell them they can’t do something, or that it isn’t practical, or that they aren’t good enough and they start to believe it and settle into the ordinary. I wonder about the wasted potential, all because we listen to people rather than to God. I do it all the time, it seems natural to me to see what people see and somehow arrogant to see myself the way God sees me. That’s messed up, and that needs to change. I’m asking God now to re-direct my thinking so that I can consistently see the potential he has placed in me to use for his purpose.

My qualities: honest, responsible, friendly, loving, accepting
My abilities: encouragement, compassion, giving, discernment
My passions: listening for God to lead me in ways I can encourage others in their faith and through their struggles.
Opportunities: everywhere I go where other people are!
Struggle: insecurity

25 01 2008
Tim Kade

Kim…You’re so gifted. It’s amazing how fast we can lose sight of God’s view of us and slip into someone else’s view of ourselves or even our own view of ourselves. You’re right…that thinking needs to change. I struggle with it myself, but what I am learning is that who I am in Christ is really my true identity. And the more I reaffirm whom I am in Him, the more my attitude and behavior begins to reflect that.

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