Catalyst: Thermostat

31 01 2008

Thermometers vs. Thermostats
This is a picture of leadership: people are either thermometers or thermostats. They will merely reflect the climate around them, or they will set it. Leaders develop values and principles to live by and set the tone for others. They’re pace setters.

VERSE: Luke 6:46-49

    LEARNING: I first heard this analogy back at the Catalyst Conference in October and it was a 2×4 moment with God (you know those moments where you are knocked upside the head with God’s 2×4). I believe it’s a critical movement for every follower of Christ. It’s about taking responsibility for our actions and our reactions. It’s change that goes from being a thermometer that reflects the worlds values to becoming a thermostat that is setting the God temperature in the world you live in. God’s desire for all of us is to live lives of impact.

    • Do you increase the love temp at home?
    • Do you you increase the joy temp in your relationships?
    • Do you increase the integrity temp in your workplace?
    • Does your authenticity create a safe place for people to be real?
    • Do you create an environments for people to ask questions about Christ?
    • If you were to step out of the environments where you live (work, home, neighborhood, etc), what would be missing?

    The list could go on. This is the difference between a life of impact for Christ and just a life. That is the difference between a leader in God’s kingdom and just a follower.

    ASSIGNMENT: Name 5-8 of Your Personal Values. Here’s mine in no specific order.

    Forgiveness. Risk. Authenticity. Spiritual Growth. Action. Laughter. Creativity. Teamwork.

    Denise found this helpful list that might stimulate your thinking…

    ___Accuracy ___Influence
    ___Achievement ___Integrity
    ___Advancement ___Learning
    ___Adventure ___Leisure
    ___Aesthetics ___Location
    ___Artistic Expression ___Love
    ___Authenticity ___Loyalty
    ___Balance ___Nature
    ___Challenge ___Organization
    ___Competency ___Peace
    ___Competition ___Perseverance
    ___Conformity ___Personal Development
    ___Contribution ___Physical Fitness & Health
    ___Control ___Power
    ___Cooperation ___Prestige
    ___Creativity ___Recognition
    ___Efficiency ___Religious Beliefs
    ___Fairness ___Responsibility
    ___Family ___Security
    ___Financial Security ___Self-Respect
    ___Flexibility ___Service
    ___Friendship ___Stability
    ___Generosity ___Tolerance
    ___Happiness ___Tradition
    ___Humor ___Variety




    One response

    5 02 2008

    My personal values in no specific order – Love, family, friendship, fairness, peace, responsibility, humor, self-respect. (thanks for an easy assignment Tim!)

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