Epic in the News

29 02 2008

Epic Church was featured in the local CG Paper yesterday…

“Local Church Air Secrets”



Catalyst: Personal Laptop

28 02 2008

219467_ibook_g4_1.jpgIMAGE: Personal Laptop. Our minds work like a computer. They only spit out the data they have been fed. Garbage in, garbage out. Leaders are disciplined about what they invest in their mind and heart. They deposit a steady and balanced diet of people and information for them to lead effectively, and not get distracted from the work God has called them to do.

VERSE: Proverbs 4:20-25

LEARNING: A number of years ago, one of the TV shows Kathy and I watched was ER. Great drama. Great show. (What? It’s still on…talk about beating a dead horse…people move on. It’s 2008. ER is so like last century). We watched it for a few years until one episode. In the opening scene 4 or 5 couples woke up in bed together. No biggy, the only problem was not one of the Read the rest of this entry »

Team Velocity: March Edition

27 02 2008

team-velocity.jpgDATE: Wednesday, March 5
TIME: 6:15-6:45 Family Dinner
6:45-7:30 Teaching
PLACE: Hart Middle School
KIDS: Childcare Provided

After getting snowed out in February, March TeamVelocity in on. It’s an opportunity to develop friendships, grow spiritually, connect on a serving team and discover your vital role in God’s story. If you are new to Epic or you’ve been coming for a while, this is a perfect next step on your journey.

30/30: Depression. Ruts. Santa Fe Trail.

25 02 2008

A number of years ago Kathy and I were traveling across Kansas and saw what was one of the most amazing historical sites we’ve been to…the ruts of the Santa Fe Trail. People used the trail from 1822-1872 to travel west and do the “little house on the prairie” thing, but after more than a hundred years, the ruts from their wagons STILL EXIST today. It’s great picture of Depression. We all have these ruts from our past, from natural tendencies and feelings and the ways we respond to life. Depression is something I have personally struggled with for as long as I can remember and these are some of the ruts I get stuck in… Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Mullet Time!

25 02 2008

Okay, some of you didn’t believe that picture was actually me with mullet last Sunday. Well it’s true…Kathy and I, circa 1993. Am I wearing a fanny pack? Oh the shame!



25 02 2008

grandma-kade2.jpgWalking out of church Sunday, I got the news that my Grandma Kade had passed away in the middle of the night. She will be missed. Our family visited her on her last day of life on this earth and heard some great stories again of “her grandfather who was a concert violinist from Poland, her dad who was a fiddler, seeing her son come off the aircraft carrier Shangri-La, traveling around the US in retirement, meeting Lucille Ball in a Hotel in Hawaii…” Grandpa Kade went on to heaven 10 years ago, and now she’s reunited in joy with the love of her life. She was one funny lady. She always had some crazy story to tell or some witty saying that made you laugh. Here was one from her last day…

“Tulips in the garden. Tulips in the park, But the best tulips at all, are tulips in the dark.”

See you in heaven!

15 minutes: Life is Short

24 02 2008

The following is snapshot of 15 minutes with Christ – Saturday, February 23, 2008

It’s 8pm, and I’m sitting here in Caribou looking over my message notes for tomorrows message on Depression. I usually look them over Saturday morning, but today was log jammed with events that spanned the spectrum of life. This morning I baptized a good friends two month old baby girl…a wonderful moment of life. After the festivities at their home, we visited my 90 year old grandma who was diagnosed with Leukemia a month ago…a wonderful moment of life. The doctors have told her she has two weeks to two months to live. Two lives: One beginning her new life. One at the end of a her seasoned life. One just starting out on a life journey with Jesus. One about to finish this life and enter into eternity with Him.

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