15 minutes: Life is Short

24 02 2008

The following is snapshot of 15 minutes with Christ – Saturday, February 23, 2008

It’s 8pm, and I’m sitting here in Caribou looking over my message notes for tomorrows message on Depression. I usually look them over Saturday morning, but today was log jammed with events that spanned the spectrum of life. This morning I baptized a good friends two month old baby girl…a wonderful moment of life. After the festivities at their home, we visited my 90 year old grandma who was diagnosed with Leukemia a month ago…a wonderful moment of life. The doctors have told her she has two weeks to two months to live. Two lives: One beginning her new life. One at the end of a her seasoned life. One just starting out on a life journey with Jesus. One about to finish this life and enter into eternity with Him.

As I sit stuck in the middle between life and death, feelings joy and melancholy all tied together in the emotions of a day, I’m overwhelmed by the brevity of life. This life is short, very short.

Overwhelmed with the wave of emotions, I found myself praying and contemplating my life between the bookends of birth and death. Am I doing what You want me to do Lord? And I kid you not…the next line of the song came though my headphones as if it came directly from God. “And this one thought is unmistakable…I take up my cross and follow you Lord.” If I had to summarize my life, there are no better words than “He took up his cross and followed his Lord.” No matter what He asked me to do. No matter where He wanted me to go. No matter how much it would cost me. I will follow You Lord. You lead. My life is completely devoted to You. Amen.

The Song: Devotion, Hillsong United.




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