I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

4 03 2008

i-became-a-christian-and-all-i-got-was-this-lousy-t-shirt.jpgLast Fall at the Catalyst Conference, I joined this thing called Filter. Part of the deal is they seem to send out new books by new authors. It’s kind of funny cause I used to read a lot more, but the last few years I just don’t seem to read books as much. “I say I’m too busy,” but that’s not really true. I’ve been in a rut and I didn’t want to make time to read. Last week God really spoke to me about building into my life those things that build my relationship with Him.

We often blame the church for being stuck in our faith. “I’m not growing. It’s not deep enough. That church has better worship. I’m not feeling it. I need a change.” People run from church to church to find the next spiritual fix, which is kind of hard to do when you’re the Pastor. Well I’ve come to believe that one of the major problems in America is we don’t own up to the fact that God wants to have a relationship with us and that He wants to personally lead us. As followers of Christ…we’ve got the Bible…we’ve got the Holy Spirit in us…Maybe we need to stop complaining and start listening to Him. We’re called to be partners with Him, not consumers. It’s not about us; it’s about Him.

Anyway, that brings me back to reading. So I get this book in the mail “I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” by Vince Antonucci and think “Okay Tim, put what you’re thinking into practice. Stop talking and start doing. Block out some time today to read.”

I read the first three chapters today. It’s fresh, authentic and Freakin’ HILARIOUS! This book was making me laugh out loud in Caribou.




One response

5 03 2008

hey tim, this is vince antonucci – author of that book. i’m glad you got it, enjoyed the first few chapters, and put up a post about it – thanks. hope you get a lot out of the rest… there’s also a tons of FREE materials available for churches (or youth groups, or small groups) that want to do a series on it: sermons, videos, graphics, group questions, etc., etc. at http://www.lousytshirtbook.com. thanks again – vince

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