Mountain of Shoes: Priceless

6 03 2008

Epic you are one crazy church! If you missed last nights TeamVelocity Meeting, you missed an awesome night! We get to the school and it’s closed and the Janitor’s not there to let us in (snow day closed the school in the morning, even though the weather was fine in the afternoon). What do we do? Meet in the parking lot? Cancel? The Dippel’s to the rescue. They opened up their home and we became the church on the move. We lined up their street with cars. We parked in the neighbors driveways. Well over 60 people packed into their home. Kids everywhere. The MOUNTAIN OF SHOES was freakin’ Hilarious! We had a blast! Epic, you rock!

And beyond that, God was doing some incredible stuff on the teams who were meeting in every room of their house. Look forward to….Battle of the Sexes, Propel Hydration, “Man I Feel Like a Woman” Night, May Carnival. God was moving big time…so hang on and enjoy the ride! Shine!




One response

24 03 2008
Jodi Kade

I was thinking about going shopping in that sea of shoes…there were so many to choose from…lol.

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