Catalyst: Pop Quiz

13 03 2008

school_desk.jpgIMAGE: Pop Quiz. Leaders experience tests as they mature. These tests range from motive checks, to authority tests to integrity checks. They reveal the leader’s potential and maturity. Further, they are a bridge to progress. Testing always precedes promotion, and human promotion can never replace divine promotion. Just as a product is never used until it is tested, so it is with leaders.

VERSE: Genesis 22:1-2

LEARNING: When I was in school I actually enjoyed tests. Does that sound strange? Am I sick? I would love trying to guess what the teacher was going to quiz us on, studying that and knocking the test out of the park. Okay, I actually liked school. I loved learning. Here’s the deal – We are in God’s Training School, but the learning isn’t for head knowledge, it’s for heart knowledge. It’s life knowledge. He is building his Christ-like character in us. And the tests He brings into our lives reveal what is really going on inside of us. Are we maturing as followers of Christ or are we staying the same? Am I serious about my relationship with Christ or am I just doing this Christianity thing? Am I changing? Am I growing?

This chapter is off the hook. The 10 Tests on Page 30 were really insightful. I could write a page on each one. Reflect on each one and examine what lessons you have learned. Share one test you’ve had and how you did. If you want to go the next step in this, read “The Making of a Leader” by J Robert Clinton. Come ready on Saturday to talk about this stuff.




One response

21 03 2008
Jodi Kade

What book are the tests in…sorry I’m out of the loop right now…hehehe. But I think I want to take them.

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