Being Sick

24 03 2008

sickextension.jpgLast week, I came down with the flu that really knocked me out. The week before Easter is not the time to be out of action as a pastor, but despite my best effort I could only get in a few hours of work on my good days. Here’s some things I learned…

1. Epic is God’s church and He is the one who is building His church. I get the joy of working with Him, but He’s the one who is going to build His Church, in His way and in His time.  God was still moving despite me being stuck in bed.

2. Life is Short. Enjoy the Moments. I ran across an old “Out of the Grey” tape  Kathy and I listened to a lot the year we went to Africa. The songs were still as good as they were in 1993. The opening lyrics from “Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You” still resonated like it did back in the day:  “Sometimes life makes me crazy. Can’t make sense of what my eyes see. All that I can hold on to…Is Your hold on me.” It really blew me me away how fast life goes. In a moment, 15 years have passed from my life. In all the movement of life, enjoy the moments.

3. Game Shows from the 70s and 80s are FUNNY! Tic Tac Doe. Family Feud. Newlywed Game. Love Connection. Match Game.  Forget the drama of “Moment of Truth,” it’s all about people with feathered hair, leisure suits, and no filter between their brain and mouth. Freakin Hilarous!




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