Catalyst: Emotional Fuel

27 03 2008

running on emptyIMAGE: Fuel. A leader’s future is shaped by the people closest to him or her. A leader’s personal network is his/her emotional fuel: his models, heroes, mentors, inner-circle and accountability partners. It is common for leaders to run out of “gas” because they don’t take time for emotional and relational replenishing. We will be the same people we are today in five years unless we fill up our “tank.”

VERSE: Proverbs 11:14, 27:17

LEARNING: You hit the gas in your car. There is no response. You hit it again, the engine engages and then starts to sputter. You’re out of gas. If you’ve ever had that happen, you know the desperate feeling of running out of gas. Unfortunately it’s happened to me three times (all while I was in college). I guess I learned importance of gasoline. You are not going to get far in your car without fueling up.

What we learn quickly in driving, we are learn slowly as spiritual leaders. In our foolishness, we think we can go it alone, but our lives are sputtering. We will never reach the destination God has in store for us unless we have a personal network of people around us to fuel us emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Just like cars don’t run well without fuel, our lives do not run well without close spiritual relationships that spur us on to become the leaders that God has called us to be. We need people we are comfortable being completely authentic with, who know the spiritual “Real Deal” inside of us and help us move forward on our journey.

This personally challenged me. As I looked over the list, I honestly found that I am desperately lacking people on the top end of my list (Mentors, Heroes and Models).

  • Models: People who do what you’d like to do
  • Heroes: People you look up to and admire
  • Mentors: People who coach you and invest in you
  • Partners: Peers who travel with you & hold you accountable
  • Inner Circle: Those who are closest to you
  • Mentees: People who learn from you

You can hold me accountable to bring this up with my Partners and Inner Circle and make the nessisary changes. How is your circle of relationships that provide emotional fuel for your spiritual and leadership journey?




4 responses

1 04 2008

Since I am so new to investing time and energy into my own spiritual growth (something I didn’t even comprehend thinking about 3 years ago), I have had to rely heavily on a personal network of people.

I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have Models/Heroes/Mentors such as Tim and Denise. They took the time to meet me where I was and encourage someone very new to their faith to step up and become a leader. In terms of the “FUEL” analogy, they helped me realize that I even had a gas tank and gave me the encouragement to start filling it. They also inspired me in the dedication to God that they lived each day in their own lives. I really feel that Mentors provide the foundation for which we build our faith, and I was lucky enough to have two great people to help me. Thanks guys.

I am also blessed to have a great small group and a couple of very close friendships that I feel comfortable sharing all of my feelings and having people hold me accountable. A goal for me this year is to double that number of close relationships. I know that having a strong network of support around you, infinitely multiples the rate by which you could grow on your own.

Tim, I would guess one of the reasons that you don’t have many people on the top of your list, is because your sitting on the top a lot of people’s lists as their mentor.

3 04 2008

I found that I was missing people in many of the “your network” categories. I believe this is because I am still in transition from the college ministry that I used to be involved in to Epic. I have had all these categories filled in the past but am still discovering where exactly God wants me now and in the future.

From these categories I still need to find models, heroes, mentees, and more partners. I think models and heroes will come as I meet more people at Epic as well as meet more Christian teachers. I also think partners and mentees will come as we invite more people into Catalyst leadership and Epic grows.

Looking at these categories I am excited to see how God will give me opportunities to fill those absences in my life.

4 04 2008
Tim Kade

It’s such a cool time at Epic. God is really putting relationships together in strategic ways. Listen to the spirit and allow him to lead you to those he wants you to build into and those who can build into you.

4 04 2008
Tim Kade

It’s a really a joy to know you, Man! God is doing such incredible stuff in your life. I can’t wait to see where He takes you on your leadership journey.

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