People of Action.

9 04 2008

Last week I called up an Epic member and challenged him to lead a men’s small group. I have found myself asking people to pray something and then giving them time to pray about, but this time it was different. I was really convicted by Christ to be “people of action” for Him.

Fifteen years ago, Kathy and I were asked by phone to be missionaries in Africa for two years. When I told them I had to pray about it, He said, “I’ll call you back in the morning.” Kathy was six months pregnant; we had never heard of Ghana and we had 14 hours to decide. We cried, we prayed and we went. So many times I think we miss out on the adventure of following God because we are waiting for “God’s Peace” about a decision. We want everything to be spelled out up front and we want God to personally reassure us that “it’s His will for us to do that.” Have we become Christ followers who are over-spiritual and under-obedient? I think so. Jesus has already told us to “Go!” The real question for us is “Where?” Every great thing I’ve been part of with God involved insane risk, the lack of inititial peace, and overwhelming feelings. It was always more challenging than I thought, but always more rewarding than I imagined. And it always involved God showing up big time for it to become a reality.

Well…I called Tom back the next morning. He told me he had already been praying about it for two days BEFORE I called. God was speaking to Him before I called and was leading him to do something more for Christ, he just didn’t know “where.” God is good all the time, All the time God is good.

May we be “People of Action” for Christ. There is so much to do and so little time.




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