Ten Questions Every Family Needs to Ask

18 04 2008

I was looking back over the lifechurch.tv blog and came across some posts on questions to ask yourself in leadership, ministry and family. I thought these are great questions for our “Men & Women” Series.

1. Am I closer to my spouse today than I was a year ago?

2. Have I read God’s word with my family this week?

3. Have I prayed with each member of my family this week?

4. Do my children know they come before the people in the church?

5. Are my children joyfully experiencing Christ at church or do they resent the church?

6. Does my spouse feel close to me spiritually?

7. If my spouse could have me change one thing about me, what would it be? (Why haven’t I changed in this way? What am I going to do about it?)

8. Are we honoring the Sabbath as a family?

9. Do my spouse and kids enjoy being around me?

10. Can my family clearly articulate our family values and vision?

Which of these resonate with you? What else would you ask?




One response

18 04 2008


While I believe our family is doing fairly well compared to most other families, I also believe that God doesn’t grade on the curve. It’s never a bad thing to review what’s really important and make sure you have things on track. Often the daily pressures of what’s urgent override what’s really important in life.

Thanks for the heads up!

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