30/30: Relationships. 3questions. Tolstoy

29 04 2008

God has uniquely stamped men and women with His character traits, but often we live them out in ways that aren’t helpful to us and don’t fit God’s design. For example, men take the competitive stamp and get engrossed in sports and completely stop competing for the heart of their wife. God has stamped women with incredible intuition, but instead of filtering those thoughts though the Holy Spirit, they live by feelings instead of facts. We closed the series by listening to Christ and setting life goals to become the men and women that Christ has called us to be. Leo Tolstoy said, “Everybody thinks about changing humanity, but nobody thinks about changing himself.”

1. Which area would I like to get more on track with how God has stamped me to live? (Pick one)

Man Challenges:

  • Initiative: Instead of taking initiative for your own benefit…become a spiritual leader
  • Risk: Instead of becoming adrenaline junkies, become a person who takes faith and righteousness risks.
  • Loyalty: Commit to pursuing vital Christian relationships with other men.
  • Competition: Lose the Misplaced Competitive Disorder, get in God’s game and compete for the heart of your wife.

Women Challenges:

  • Nurturing: Instead of being misdirected by the busyness of life and the needs of others, stop and BE alone with Christ, so he can nurture and re-direct you.
  • Security: Stop looking for security in outward beauty, start living for Christ and bring out the beauty in others.
  • Intuition: Stop basing your decisions on feelings, and start filtering your feelings through the Holy Spirit.
  • Community: Use your words to build others up and point people to Christ.

2. What is my plan to move in a new direction and change? What’s one thing I can to this week to get started?

3. EXTRA CREDIT: What can you do to help your spouse or friend in the areas THEY FEEL they need to work on?

Exercise daily in God—no spiritual flabbiness, please! Workouts in the gymnasium are useful, but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit both today and forever. I Timothy 4:7-8

What area is moving you to change?




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