30/30: Insecurity. Hide/Seek. Gideon.

21 05 2008

As a kid, one of the greatest events on a weekend was having a sleepover at a friends house. We would stay up late, play Atari 2600 and have the most extreme games of hide and sleep. The person who was “IT” would have to go into the bathroom and stare at the light bulb for two minutes while we hid. When they came out into the pitch black room where you couldn’t see anything. One night was legend when my brother took the lampshade off a floor lamp, put it on his head and pretended to be the lamp. His hiding spot was so good he was never found.

There was a guy named Gideon in the Bible who was great at hiding. It was during a time when the Israelites were under attack from the Midianites, and so he was hiding in a wine press threshing grain so he wouldn’t be spotted by his enemy. “The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, ‘Mighty warrior the Lord is with you!”’ (Judges 6) Gideon’s realizing God must have it all wrong replies, “Yeah right God, You’ve got the wrong dude. How can I save Israel? I’m no Norman Schwarzkopf. I’m insecure and unsure about myself. I am the weakest in Manasseh and I am the least in my family.”

Here’s the deal..as God looks into your life, He sees something in you don’t see in yourself. He sees more inside of you than you see in yourself. And He wants to give you a vision of who you are in Christ and who can become.

Here’s the question for us…Where are you hiding from God? What uncertainty & insecurity has kept you from doing what God is calling you to do? Gideon wasn’t just hiding from the Midianites, He was really hiding from God. He was freak’d out. He, like us felt it was safer to hide, stay in his insecurity than to step out in faith. You may think that you are to new of Christian for God to make a difference, but with God, His Strength though Your weakness is exactly enough. You may think that your too spiritually inconsistent for God to use, but with God, His Faithfulness though your uncertainty is exactly enough. You may think that you are not the kind of person God uses to change the world, but with God, His Confidence through your insecurity is exactly enough.

Take that lampshade off your head. Stop listening to those voices in your head and start listening to the voice of God. Can you hear Him saying to you, “Mighty warrior the Lord is with you!”




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