Steven Curtis Chapman: When Love Takes You In

23 05 2008

I got the news this morning that a freak accident took the life of Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman’s five year old daughter, Maria Sue. One of his teenage son’s accidentally hit her backing out of the driveway. Full Story. We live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, and Kathy and I have talked a number of times how easy that could happen. I usually don’t write about these kind of events, but Kathy and I saw him in concert last summer where both of his sons played in the band. During the concert he shared a lot heart felt stories about his family, so in some crazy way you feel like you know them. As a dad, husband and follower of Christ, I’ve always been moved by the way that Steven communicates the hope of Christ in everyday life. He is actually one of the first Christian artists that God used to grow my faith back in the 80’s and stills moves me today – Cinderella.

My heart and our prayers go out to the Chapmans as you grieve the tragic loss of the adopted daughter your love took in and is now in the arms of the One who will take us in for all eternity.

When Love Takes You In – Steven Curtis Chapman




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