One Prayer: Starting June 8

28 05 2008

Sometimes God shows up and everything changes. Yesterday, I ran across something that Christ is doing in the world called “One Prayer.”

We were planning a different series in June, but after going to Christ for direction it was clear that He was leading Epic to be part of this. We’ve always been engaged in this crazy movement of God in the 21st Century to impact the world for Christ in new and innovative ways. There are so many people to reach and so little time. Currently there are over 1100 churches and 700,000 Christ followers around the world joining together to impact the world.

I love it when God calls an audible at the line of scrimmage and changing our plans. We move forward. We press in. And we expect the unexpected. I am so pumped about what God is going to do at Epic and around the world in June. I believe the next four weeks will…

  1. Promote unity in the body of Christ.
  2. Expose Epic to the greater movement of God in the world.
  3. Infuse new spiritual passion for God’s mission for the world.
  4. Challenge us to go deeper and more dangerous in our relationship with Christ.

People Get Ready: One Mission. One Prayer. One Church. One God.



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