30/30: Moses Got Some Tail.

4 06 2008

A few years back I was on a mission trip to Brazil and I was teaching on Moses with a translator. I came the passage in Exodus 4 where God tells Moses to throw his staff to the ground and it turns in to a snake. After Moe does an Indiana Jones and jumps back, God tells him, “Reach out and grab it by the tail.” My words were translated into Portuguese and the whole place explodes in laughter.

What is so funny? Instead of translating it “Moses grab the tail,” he translated it “Moses got some tail.” I kid you not. Now that’s some funny stuff! But what was even more amazing is how God used that embarrassing moment.

After the service, through the translator I met a man who had lived all of his life without God. He had recently been diagnosed with AIDS and wasn’t sure how long he had to live. He had only been to the church a few times and because of his past, he wasn’t sure if he fit in. Even churches in Brazil can be stuffy and not accepting. He said, “When you said ‘Moses got some tail,’ it was the first time I felt like welcomed at church.” By the weeks end, he gave his life to Christ and with tears in his eyes shared “I may only have a short time to live. I want use what life I have left not for my own pleasure, but I want help others meet this Jesus who loved me, forgiven me and gave him a new reason to live.” Whoa God!

That’s one of those “Only God” moments where God comes through big time and does something amazing. Sometime people ask me, “Why don’t we see more of those amazing Whoa God Moments does the miraculous.” I think the answer is right in the story of Moses. God told Moe to grab the snake by the tail. I would have said, “Excuse me God. Didn’t you notice on the other end, there’s a couple things called fangs. If I grab that snake by the tail, it will turn around and bite me. How ’bout I grab it by the head? That would be safer, you know. You wouldn’t want me to get hurt.”

Here’s the Deal: God wants to take you to a place where if He doesn’t intervene, you are going to get bitten. If he doesn’t intervene, this risk could kill you. We want our miracles from the safety of our couch, with no risk and no fear, but God doesn’t do “Whoa God Moments” that way. God wants to take us to a place where we are completely dependent on Him to come through. And it’s in those moments, God does the amazing.

“Moses reached out and grabbed it—and he was holding his staff again.” Exodus 4:4

What have you been afraid to risk? Where have you been afraid to go? May you live in such a way that God does amazing things through you.




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