30/30: Why Aren’t We Crazy about Jesus?

18 06 2008

Epic Prayer: Make Us Crazy-Part 2

We are crazy about a lot of things in America. We are crazy about sports. We are crazy about our kids. We are crazy about our kids sports. In Detroit, we’ve been Cup Crazy about the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup. I’m crazy about those things too, but this week got me praying, “Why is it we are not more crazy about Jesus?”

I started thinking about other relationships I’m crazy about. I am crazy about my wife Kathy. She is the most incredible, awesome women I’ve ever met. I am crazy about her. The truth is I’m as crazy about her today as the first day that we met in the student center at Oakland University. But that hasn’t always been the case in our relationship. There was time in our life when I wasn’t crazy about her. Those of you who are married, you know what I am talking about. During that time, Kathy and I didn’t talk. We didn’t hang out together. And this went on for a number of years. I just wasn’t crazy about being around her.

Actually I wasn’t crazy about her for 22 years…but that all changed on the day that I met her. Before I knew Kathy, I wasn’t crazy about her at all. But the first day that I met her, I was crazy about her. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I canceled plans with other friends be with her. I rearranged my schedule to do what she wanted to do. I was crazy about her.

Here’s the deal…if you are not crazy about Jesus, my question for you is “Have you met Him?”

Maybe you’ve been doing “the religious” thing, but you’ve never taken time to get to know Him. Maybe God is your feel good fix when you get in trouble, but you’ve never developed a personal, deep relationship with Him. Maybe you’ve attended church, but you’ve never cracked open the Bible to meet Him. Religion will leave you normal, empty and disconnected, but meeting the Savior of your life will turn your world upside down. Are you crazy about Jesus? Maybe today is the day you want to begin the journey of a real relationship with Him.

“Jesus…Make Us Crazy. Make us more crazy about the victory you won for us on the cross, than any game winning goal. Make us so crazy about you that we cancel other plans to be with you. Make us so crazy that we rearrange our schedule in order to serve you. Jesus…make us crazy for you.”




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