2008 Epic Awards

2 07 2008

A few weeks back at the Epic Family Feud Volunteer Celebration, this years award were given out. If you missed it, here they are:

“Whatever It Takes” Award – Dave Schmidt

He just showed up every week before service to serve and help set up.

“Craziest Idea” Award – Epic Cheer Team

Are we the only church in America with a cheer team?

“Next Step” Award – Dan Chappa

Dude went from seeker to Bible Reader, God’s doing an awesome stuff in his life.

“Listening to God” Award – Denise Hillbom

God spoke. She listened. She changed her plans to organize the Battle of the Sexes” Night to have a blast.

“Pioneer” Award – Denise Wooten

She went from nothing with God’s vision to a growing “Crossing Bridges” ministry in the city of Detroit.

“The Real Deal” Award – Tom Page

He got authentic and shared his recovery story with all of Detroit on Fox2News during the MySecret series.

“Most Likely to Be Carded” Award – Carla Hartig

She worked behind the scene every month to prepare communion so we could connect to Christ in His Body and Blood.

“Didn’t Give Up” Award – Brandon Kennedy

After tons of setbacks and challenges, he rocked our world with a new website EpicChurch.com

I almost didn’t want to make a list, because EVERY ONE of you deserves an award. Epic Volunteers…You Rock!I Your dedication to Christ is inspiring. Your commitment to Epic’s Vision is off the chart. Your willingness to get crazy for God is so inspiring. I could go on and on telling stories about what God’s done over the last 12 months through you. I am truly blessed to lead a church like you!




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