Movie Review: Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

8 07 2008

Grade: C

Why didn’t this Indiana Jones fan connect with the latest installment in the series? It wasn’t the aliens…we all love a good alien movie. It wasn’t the hokey unrealistic scenes…movies are about suspending belief. I’m convinced we didn’t connect, because there were no biblical truths in the storyline. I believe every GREAT movie connects with the Biblical truths that are written on our heart by our creator. Themes like redemption, overcoming adversity, adventure, love, heroism resonate with the way our creator has wired us. Those truths pull us into the story and cause us to think about our lives. We walk away from the experience changed.

In the first three Indiana Jones films, were based on the biblical theme of “Good vs. Evil.” On one side there was the Nazis or oppressors who were motivated by greed, power and control. Their desire was to get the artifact for evil purposes and they needed to be stopped. Indy to the rescue. With his ragtag friends, they would face difficulties and almost insurmountable obstacles to get the artifact before the bad guys do. They’re motivated not by greed or power, but sacrifice and heroism for the benefit of others. Although they are tempted, they choose to do right. A story like that makes our heart beat faster, because we all want to be on an adventure like that in our life.

These were missing this time around. I loved the family connections, but the “good vs. evil” theme was vague and struggle to overcome adversity seemed disconnected from everyday life. It was a good movie…but if you want a great movie experience stop by the video store for “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

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