Catalyst: Choir Director

10 07 2008

READING: John 6-10

LEARNING: Once again this Habitudes Lesson is chocked full of crucial and practical insights. In 1 Corinthians 12:1-27, Paul shares some of the most profound words ever said about the church. You can sense the urgency in his voice. He wasn’t just waxing philosophical…this is a real dilemma…real people with real disagreements. He knew people have a tendency when a tension develops to gossip, criticize or even take their ball and go home. In the kingdom of God, we need to check our egos at the door. Our natural tendency is TO THINK my opinion is the best, TO VALUE my contribution above others, TO PLAY only if I get something out of it and TO ONLY WORK together if it benefits me. This probably was happening in the church at Corinth and Paul says this is not how Christ’s church works. You now have the Holy Spirit to unite you together. These three insights jumped out at me.

1. You are uniquely gifted, but don’t celebrate yourself. You were gifted NOT for your glory, but God’s.

2. Others are uniquely gifted, so value the way Christ made them. You need them and can’t survive without them.

3. Coming together as one for Christ will take unnatural humility, uncommon commitment to each other and unrelenting commitment to Christ who is the head.

When the church is working together as one for Christ, there is nothing better in all the world. Now read 1 Corinthians 13…it wasn’t written for weddings. It was directed at the church!




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13 07 2008

The Choir Director is an excellent example of a true leader. A leader recognizes his/her talents, finding areas of weakness within self or the group. He/She searches for complementary talents and skills to make the team stronger and more able to accomplish the set goals, but at the same time looks for those to fit within the group chemistry wise. It doesn’t work if the team is strong but will not work together.

Like the Choir Director, we don’t need the outstanding players, we need those, who together will work and sound appropriate. We as leaders need to recognize the success to the team, not personal success.

14 07 2008
Denise Hillbom

I agree Larry, everyone needs to be a team player with the teams vision and goals as their main focus, not their own agenda. If our puropse is the same, we all move forward together. I bet team unity within our churches is one of the things Jesus had in mind as he prayed the unity prayer in John 17. We as leaders need to always be on the look out for the ones who are willing to work for that unity above all else.

The other important thing I realized from this chapter is the importance of getting to know the people on our teams. Know them personally, know their gift mix, and know their struggles. This is a challelnge because it takes time. I know if we invest, the reward will be great and after this reading, I will be investing in my team more than I have been in the past.

14 07 2008
Tim Kade

Larry and Denise you’re right on. Your thoughts made me think of the movie “Miracle” about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. The Coach had to work hard to get them them to play for the team (the name on the front of their jersey) and not for themselves (the name on the back of the jersey). It’s always inspirational…at the end the coach gives all the credit to the team.

17 07 2008

I think Larry and Denise are right on and I feel like it is an incredibly difficult task for a leader to broker and orchestrate talents and personalities. I applaud Denise for her efforts in doing this, I know I have benefited from her investment.
Personally, I found this lesson/image helpful in its application to everyday social situations. Honestly, I have not been thinking about the groups of people I interact with in this way, that is like a team, choir, or the body that Paul talks about.

17 07 2008

A truely great leader is demonstrated through his ability to select the right people to accomplish the focused goal, and unifying them under his direction. Coincidently, over the last few weeks, my family has been watching a lot of biography and history dvd’s. (The John Adams miniseries, FDR, The Presidents, and Ronald Reagan) What great examples of good and bad “Choir directing” through history. In the past, I know that I have personally found it difficult to have this level of discernment. I have slowly learned through trial and error and eventually get the results needed. (or better yet, just overwhelm myself and do it all myself) Obviously, I need alot of work in this area. Denise, I look at you and see this finely tuned wisdom in your leadership. Eric you’re right about the everyday application. To me, this is an enviable ability/skill /gift that when developed, can be used by God to not only build His church body, but can be used by God to build us indivually in our daily lives.

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