Marriage Vows 2.0

15 07 2008

As part of The Love Guru message, I rewrote Wedding Vows if they were based on the popular notion that love is a feeling.

“I, in the presence of God and these witnesses, take you to be my wife/husband,”

“to have and to hold from this day forward”…as long as I’m feeling the rush that I’m feeling right now.

“for better, for worse”unless someone comes along who I’m more excited about than you and I feel is a better fit for me than you.

“for richer, for poorer,”…preferably the richer, because lack of finances will strain our relationship to the breaking point.

“sickness and in health,”…but if circumstances change and it becomes too much work, I’m out of here.

“to love and to cherish,”…better yet, I’m want YOU to commit to love and cherish me, because my life is really about getting MY needs met.

“or until death parts us”…but if I get tired of you, and want to move on, it wouldn’t mean that the feelings we shared weren’t real. But right now I feeling feelings for someone else.

“and I pledge you my faithfulness”…but If you don’t meet my needs and make me feel the way I want, when I want. We’ll be justified to go our separate ways.

I am so thankful marriage is based on CHOICES, not feelings. Even though it’s not always easy and it takes a lot of work, marriage is still a wonderful thing. After 16 years, being married to Kathy is the greatest thing in the world.




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