Catalyst: Barn Building

21 07 2008

READING: John 15-20

HABITUDES IMAGE NINE: A Farmer Builds the Barn on the property before the house, because it will pay for the other structures. Leaders determine the critical transaction that enables everything else to happen.

LEARNING: Being a city boy, this is about the closest I’ve ever come to a barn. The door that made the “Moo” sound was worth doing over and over until mom said, “Stop it!”

When I was just began volunteering in the church, one of my youth mentors would often quote proverbs 14:4 when planning youth activities, “Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.” He would say in order to reach youth, it’s got to get a messy around her. He always kept the critical transaction in the forefront of our mind…it’s not about the building, it’s about the people.

Here are My Barns:

  1. Personally as a Leader: “Intentional Self Development.” If I’m not growing spiritual as a leader the church won’t grow spiritually.
  2. My Team: “Vision Casting.” If I am not envisioning where Epic is going, we will never get there.

Spend some time really praying through this one. Think of all your tasks in your ministry area or your team. What is the critical transaction? What’s the make or break function that’s the hub for success? Where do you need to invest in barn building?




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2 08 2008

The Barn Building article has really made me think as to “what is the center of my life”. As the article stated, the farmer builds the barn first since it establishes what and how the farm develops and grows. In a similar fashion, my Christian faith is the central focus of my life.

In my younger years, I attended a parochial school where religion was taught daily. This training, as a Christian, established my character and would form the basis of what I am today. It taught right from wrong, it define what was important in my life, separating my faith, my family, my work and my friends. It taught me to use my Christian values in being a role model in raising my children to become responsible adults. We all have our crosses to bare, but the belief early in life does establish that character that we enables us to grow.

At this point in my life, I am adding onto my barn by expanding my understanding of the bible and of Jesus. I have become hungry again to learn all that I can. I don’t know where this will take me, but I know that it is in the right direction.

4 08 2008

Honestly, I have been feeling a little burnt out on being a leader, but this lesson helped me to simplify my thinking. I am still convinced that living with people in community is the best way to live (something Jesus had in mind). I may not be the leader typified at times in this study, but I think this conviction about community is, for the moment, my critical transaction and I should not undervalue that.

4 08 2008
Tim Kade

Larry and Eric,
Your words sounded like Christ’s two greatest commands. “Love the Lord with all your heart. And love your neighbor as yourself.” There is nothing better than hanging with Jesus and with His people.

11 01 2010

Catalyst: Barn Building .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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