30/30: August. Army Guys. My Biography.

1 08 2008

Family Vaca 1979 (my bro, sis and I doing our best creepy pose)

Remember when August came around as a kid. It meant there was ONLY one more month of freedom. Sitting here at lunch, listening to an old Chris Rice song, “Nonny, Nonny” about childhood memories of summer, got me waxing melancholy about summer as a kid.

Summer warm and lazy… Lemon sun and hazy… Remember?

Popsicle red on my chin… Bikes and plastic army men

And no sign of September

Something in my seven years was telling me to thank the Author of such a biography

Summer in the 70’s was filled with bike rides, pick up baseball games, army guys, GI Joes, lawn jarts and best of all…NO SCHOOL. It’s amazing to think God was authoring that stage of my biography.

The end of the song is awesome….

All grown up and living fine…Biographies all intertwined…with billions
And soon He turns the final page…We’ll look the Author in the face
Then the book really begins
‘Cause something tells me all these years of memories are only the first sentence of eternity.

Think about it. When we see Christ face to face, all of these years will only the the first chapter of our eternal biography.




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