Concert Review: The Soundtrack of Your Summer

8 08 2008

My fifteen year old daughter Emily hit the concert tour last night to see the “The Soundtrack of Your Summer” concert at The Filmore in Detroit. Four bands, four hours of standing on the main floor: The Maine, Metro Station (which is the band Emily wanted to see), Good Charlotte, and Boys Like Girls. It was an excellent and entertaining show. Every band could rock! As an old guy, here’s my random observations of the night:

1. Attendance: 80% girls, 15% boys, 5% parents (and 2 really creepy guys who were neither parents or kids)

2. Girls don’t slam dance, but a handful of boys still will.

3. 80’s fashions are back in style. TOTALLY AWESOME!

4. The concert was more enjoyable to me than seeing a old band from my generation (like The Police last year). Maybe it’s the energy. Maybe it’s the fun. Maybe I would rather move forward in life with new songs, than live life reminiscing in the past.

5. Mason Musso from Metro Station can sing, but Trace Cyrus can’t. However the guy is a great showman, but the last guy in the world you’d want you daughter to bring home. Am I the only one who thinks Mason looks like Cory Feldman?

6. Good Charlotte puts on a great show! They actually talk between songs and and engage the audience. Other bands could learn from these guys that you can really pump up the crowd without swearing every other word.

7. “Chronicles of Life and Death” from Good Charlotte is a great album. They wish they would have played “Predictable” and “We Believe,” but “Mountain” rocked!

8. The attraction of “Boys Like Girls” was evident…Martin Johnson is good looking. He smiles A LOT, has some crazy eyes and has creek bones girls would die for. They also can play!

9. People take A LOT of pics and video at concerts these days.

10. I really enjoy Alternative and Emo music (okay I said it)



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