Catalyst: Small Sprocket

14 08 2008

LESSON: Leaders are the small sprocket in effective change. We must spin dozens of times before the big gear makes one revolution. It’s part of the territory. Spin like crazy and eventually others will respond.

LEARNING: This Habitudes lesson rocked! Talk about encouragement and hope to keep going. How many times do you feel like you are spinning your wheels seeing little results? Keep spinning. You try to get people moving forward with a vision of what God is doing, but only a few have caught it?  Keep spinning. You feel like you are working hard, but the results just aren’t coming yet? Keep spinning…momentum is building

The critical learning for me is to not spin in a whole bunch of different ministry directions, but to spin on one thing – Vision Casting.  Think about the last chapter “barn building” and your crucial act that the rest of your ministry hinges on. What you are doing for God’s kingdom is critically important? Think specific. God has chosen you for this task and He wants to help you press on and succeed. Keep Spinning…the gears are turning…momentum is building.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Philippians 1:6




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15 08 2008

Small sprockets is a good picture for the life of a leader. It’s right on! The guys who wrote this is pretty amazing! Who would of thought to compare us to sprockets? But, he’s right!!

I feel like I am pretty good ant. I don’t need supervision to do my work (just sometimes some reminding!…lol). I can take initiative, and if I don’t it is because I am not confident in what I am doing. And i don’t mind working.

Bottom line is what keeps me going is that I love what I do. I love kids and being goofy. That is what keeps me inspired. Sometimes I do get tired and that is when I lose my vision. But God strategically places at least one person near me to remind me why we do what we do and I get back on track again.

It seems silly, but there are times when I need to be reminded that I love what I do and there is a real purpose for what I am doing, even if it is not having the results I want it to.

15 08 2008

My daughter has asked a few times what is the purpose of things like mosquitoes, ants, skunks, etc. I’ve had an answer for some of them, but it’s usually not a “good” answer. It’s usually something to the effect of – there is a purpose for everything and many things are food for other things. Here we get a lesson from the ants – work hard and don’t be lazy. I’m still waiting for the lesson on skunks. Maybe it is if someone messes with you you should throw some stink at them?

I think we have to be encouraged by this story and realize that God wants us to keep working for him and good things will come of it eventually. As we learned from the re-building of the wall in Nehemiah, everyone’s job is important and we need to all keep spinning our sprockets.

I feel that big things are going to happen at Epic in the next year with two services. We need to keep the little sprockets going so that the big sprocket kicks in soon. My commitment is to keep my sprocket moving for God…

20 08 2008
Tim Kade

One of the greatest things about community is that they are here to remind us of the promises of Christ. I will work at reminding you more.
Great thoughts on Atom Ant and Pepe LePew. I think your right on with God’s future. Small Sprockets Unite!

28 08 2008

The article on Sprockets relate to what we are trying to do with the Men of Epic (M.O.E.) Ministry. We have been contacting the men of our church, both married and unmarried. We have been defining and discussing what appears to be interesting topics. We have had approximately 15 men attend at least one session (we call it a gathering), but any given week, we have between 3 and 5 men in attendance.

We do not plan to give up but continue to pray to God for his direction, as well as, ask Him to place His grace into the heart of Epic’s Men. Leadership is keeping the interest high, communication our mission to the men and selecting topics which are of interest to the men.

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