Olympics: What Inspired Me

25 08 2008

I really enjoyed the Olympics the last few week…I love the competition, the pressure, the sweat, the giving of it all, the Gatorade intensity, the pushing yourself beyond your comfort level, the achievement and the to desire to win. I love it! That’s exactly how Christ wants us to live for Him. We’ve only got one live to live…give it all to Him and leave it all on the field. No guts…no glory for God.

Here are my top four moments…

4. The Return of Team. Women’s Soccer. Beach volleyball (men’s and women’s). Men’s Volleyball. Basketball (men’s and women’s). It’s all about teamwork and not being a superstar. Life’s about working together for a common goal that’s bigger than me. Don’t we all desire to be on a team like that in life?

3. Michael Phelps. Watching him win the 8th gold, I was inspired by his pre-Olympic work ethic and daily training. This is why Bolt and his McNuggets didn’t inspire me at all. Giftedness is interesting, but training is inspiring.

2. Lolo Jones. The most inspiring moment for me. After a gracious interview, crying in the tunnel after the heartbreaking bump in the hurdles. From 1st to no medal by a 1/2 inch. She inspired me to keep striving forward even when you work hard, give it your all and life doesn’t turn out the way I planned.

1. Jason Lezak. The last lap in the 4×100 freestyle was unbelievable. The cheering of the other three guys was crazy awesome. In life, don’t settle for just finishing well…swim to win! Who in your life is cheering you on? On this spiritual journey we all need a team just like that!

What moved you?




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