Cats. Surgery. Junior Mints.

4 09 2008

Life has been busy lately.  Getting ready for two services at Epic this Fall and gearing up for all our outreach activities in September has left me with little time to post. We had a great Labor day weekend with our good friends, the Hegge’s from Indiana. Hoosiers Rock!

We had a “Seinfeld-like” evening out on Saturday…that included our cat with a toy lodged in his stomach, midnight surgery at the Vet and of course all four of us eating Junior Mints staring at our cats inside guts on the outside of his body. NICE!

We got home at 2 AM. That would have been fine, but I had to speak at Epic in the morning. Triple Cap was great until I crashed at night…just in time for our other cat to bite our friends 10 year old daughter. NICE!

Oh yeah…the surgery cat is still alive, but I almost killed the other one. I guess that is what you get for cats named “Lenny and Squiggy.”  Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.




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