5 Things I’ve Learned:Taking Steps of Faith

11 09 2008

It’s been a wild week, but I am so revved about two worship services Sunday. I am excited to see what God is going to do this fall at the 9:45 and 11:15 services and the new people that are going to meet Jesus at those gatherings.

Here’s my top five things about stepping out in faith…

1. Freak’d. If your not a little freak’d by the step of faith, you are attempting something you can do without God. It’s time move out of your comfort zone and take a risk.

2. Courage. If you feel you need courage, good. That is right where God wants you to be. People in the Bible prayed for courage because they didn’t have it. Often they were completely afraid and fearful. If you don’t feel like you don’t need to pray for courage, maybe you’ve been trusting in yourself instead of Christ.

3. Dependence. Faith is complete dependence on Jesus Christ. Without Him nothing would happen. The step of faith should drive you to your knees in prayer. God will always shows up just when you need Him. Or maybe when you just need Him and nothing else.

4. Anticipation. Expect the unexpected. God loves to surprise you and me. We all want God to show up big time in our lives, but we want him to show up in the safety of an easy life. It doesn’t work that way. Jump!

5. Character. Anytime you step out in faith, you will have to step into your heart, your motivation and your character. You will learn more about yourself and realize sinful ways God is trying to change. Christ is preparing you for the next stage of your live. If you aren’t willing to face the truth about yourself, God will probably move you back to where you were.

Whether it’s a new career, a new ministry , a new relationship, or attempting something great for God…Take the Step of Faith. There is really no other way to live the life of following Christ.




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15 09 2008

Hey Tim,

I thought the first week of two services went over awesome!! Congrats to everyone at Epic for all of their hard work and preparation to make this happen.

I finished the Habitudes book last night and as the author says, he saved the most important Habitude for all. “The Life Sentence” talks about how our entire lives come down to one sentence – the epitaph on our tombstone. Hopefully for all of us that sentence has the words “Jesus Christ” in it.

I think it really can be tied in to what our lesson was in Church this past Sunday. You can do so much for God and volunteer at Church and do this and that for God, but the bottom line is bringing others to Christ – by your example. Not “forcing” Jesus on people, but “showing” others what Christ has done in your life and having them want that for themselves. I thought it was a powerful lesson that really gives us a bottom line for our lives.

Last week I mailed out a couple invitation envelopes to friends and have a few more sitting on my desk that I am going to send out. I think so many of our friends and family would really love becoming a part of Epic and having a relationship with Jesus if only they knew about it. Our job is just to get them to Epic and let God do the rest.

16 09 2008
Tim Kade

Your right on Jeff. We so often put God’s #1 mission on the back burner of our lives. I have to intentionally keep putting it in the forefront. The move to 2 services has really driven me to my knees to pray for God to move in the community and use Epic to reach out to people far from God. Even though I don’t know them yet, I’ll be praying for those you’re inviting. I can’t wait to meet them.

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