Good Enough is Not Good Enough

31 10 2008

As we move into this winter season at Epic, one of the challenges I gave to to the leaders is to strive to do everything with excellence for Christ. Sometimes we think this is “It’s just church. It’s good enough. What’s the big deal?” We have the privilege to partner in building the Bride of Christ. Is there any task on earth giving more to? In writing to a church at Colossae, Paul challenged the church, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. ” Colossians 3:23

Excellence honors God and inspires others. God is worthy of nothing less than our most excellent effort. Non-Christians assume that things will be shoddily done. Non-Christians assume we will have low standards. Non-Christians expect us Christians to give less than our best. They think everything we are doing is a big charade. But when we value excellence, it makes a statement about the kind of God we worship. It makes a statement about the commitment we have to our excellent God. In response to his holiness, greatness and his ultimate sacrifice for us, our attitude should be to give God our best. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Epic Excellence Challenge: “Good Enough is Not Good Enough”


Currently Reading: IT

28 10 2008

I picked up a great read this week – “IT: How Churches and Leaders Can Get IT and Keep IT” by Craig Groeschel. Can’t wait to share some of the leadership lessons with you.

Wanna get IT? Take the IT-ness Quiz

Leadership Decision Making

28 10 2008

Friday night we had a leadership summit with our partner church in Detroit. The DVD Session was Bill Hybels from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. As always Bill rocked my leadership world. The thrust of the talk was Leadership is Making High Stakes Decisions. He laid out this introductory system and then challenged us to come up with leadership axioms which shape our decisions.

1. Does the Bible say anything about this?

2. What do smart advisers advise me to do?

3. What does my own wisdom from past pain, gain and experiencing say in regards to this decision?

4. Where is the Spirit prompting me?

Great Leaders add to the vault of their own wisdom of previous decisions and compress their leadership into Leadership Axioms. Here were a few he mentioned:

1. Vision leaks

2. Get the Right people around the table

3. Facts are your friend

4. When something feels funky – Engage!

5. Leaders call fouls.

6. Take a Flyer.

7. This is church.

This week I’ll post some of my axioms and I look forward to hearing about your leadership axioms

72 in a 55 (u gotta love Ohio)

24 10 2008

This week has flown by and I haven’t posted. I spent three days down at Pastors Conference in Port Clinton, Ohio. To be honest I wasn’t really excited about going. Some church leaders aren’t always fond of the way we do church at Epic and walking into disagreements is not my idea of a good time. But as I prayed about the conference before I went, Jesus said, “Forget about that and let your conference goal be – to be a blessing to others. Focus on encouraging as many people as possible.” It really puts a different perspective on things – to go to give, not receive. Anyway…I made some new friends…I was inspired to keep reaching the next generation and best of all on the way home …

I got a speeding ticket for going 72 in a 55 Zone. (Yes! Lifetime speeding ticket number 7)

That is why everyone from Michigan hates driving in Ohio.

5 Things that Annoy Me

17 10 2008

I’m sitting here in Caribou and the guy two tables away has been watching highlights of last weeks NFL games for the last hour. How do I know? The info is blaring out of the speakers on his computer. Thought I take a second and share 5 things that annoy me.

1. Not wearing headphones…in a coffee house when playing something on their computer. Are they oblivious to people around them or do they think what they are watching is so important that everyone wants to hear it? Dude, headphones are only $7 bucks.

2. eCards…Sorry ladies i know that you love to getting one of these in your inbox, but to me they are annoyingly slow to load. I know it’s the thought that counts, so just send me two sentences of your thoughts in an email. I would love that! It will mean more than 20 eCards of dancing puppies and lame jokes.

3. Waiting Rooms…need to say more. Just the name is messed up. A room designated just for waiting. Who was the brilliant guy who came up with that idea? Let’s get a room just to mess with people for a while.

4. FWD emails…Actually I got one this week that was good, but for the most part they are either falsified info or unimportant trivia. What I can’t stand is Christian emails with that lame guilt trip at the end “if you really love Jesus” you will forward this to 10 friends. I don’t remember Jesus saying “Love God and Love People are pretty important things, but if you REALLY love me, you’ll forward lame emails to friends.”

5. Low Rider Pants...I’m all for style, but this has been the lamest pant trend. I remember first seeing it back in 1994 when I was working in a juvenile detention center. And it’s not a urban or suburban thing, it’s everywhere. Guys, come on it’s been 14 years! Time to pull them up. That’s so 90’s. SERIOUSLY DUDE, all of us have no interest in seeing your underwear.

Okay that may not have felt good for you…but I needed a little relief after listening to the highlights of every NFL game. Hey…why not add a 6th because he just sat down three tables away.

6. LOUD CELL PHONE TALKERS. Dude, they can hear you. Shut up!

New Series @ Epic: unCERTAINty

16 10 2008

Financial Recession.

Housing Values Plummeting.

Job Insecurity.

In such an uncertain world, where do we go for answers? Although God doesn’t offer easy solutions, He is offers himself as our anchor of hope no matter what we face in life. Our world is uncertain. Our God is not.

10.26 Certain Faith
11.2 Certain Hope
11.9 Certain Peace

We actually had a another series on Parenting planned…but Jesus showed up and called and audible. Uncertainty is everywhere…it’s our conversation around the office, dinner table and neighborhood. I believe that God has too things planned for us in this series. I believe He is going to encourage us AND challenge us. We’ll find hope, peace and certainty of Christ in the middle of uncertain times, but also the strength to share this hope with have in a relationship with Jesus with others that others who are searching.

10 Questions to Ask in Your 10 Minutes with God

9 10 2008

A few weeks back I challenged Epic to spend 10 minutes with God every day. Stop talking about it and crack open the Bible and read it. Stop seeing prayer as a duty and be drawn to the One who is writing the story of your life each day. Here’s a 10 questions to ask ask you spend time with Jesus.

1. What is Christ saying to me today in this scripture?

2. What sin is He revealing to me? What do I need to confess?

3. What area of my life is God moving me to change?

4. What specifically is He asking me to do…for Him? For my spouse? For my Kids?

5. How is my heart? In what ways am I drifting?

6. What promises do I need to trust today?

7. How is the Holy Spirit prompting me today to life out His purpose?

8. What tempting situations do I need to avoid today?

9. In what way is He moving me out of my comfort zone?

10. What area do I need to stop saying “one of these days” and simply do for Christ today?