1950 Predictions for the Year 2000

1 10 2008

Prepping for this weeks message on BUSY, I came across these predictions from 1950 about how futurists predicted the world be in the year 2000. Heres a few..

  • Technology would make a 25 hour week standard. WE WISH!
  • The woman of the year 2000 … will be more than six feet tall, wear a size 11 shoe, have shoulders like a wrestler and muscles like a truck driver. She will go in for all kinds of sports – probably will compete with men athletes in football, baseball, prizefighting and wrestling. YIKES, HELGA FROM AMERICAN GLADIATORS.
  • In 2000 we shall be able to fly around the world in a day. We shall be neighbors of everyone else on earth, to whom we wish to be neighborly. TRUE.
  • Radio broadcasting will have disappeared, for no one will tune in a program that cannot be seen. NOT YET.
  • Combination automobile-planes will have been perfected. NOPE.
  • Space platforms, sent out from earth, will end mid-century’s “iron curtain” era by bringing the entire globe under constant surveillance. THIS IS PRE-SPUTNIK, SO RIGHT ON.
  • The telephone will be transformed from wire to radio and will be equipped with the visuality of television. DEAD ON.



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