10 Questions to Ask in Your 10 Minutes with God

9 10 2008

A few weeks back I challenged Epic to spend 10 minutes with God every day. Stop talking about it and crack open the Bible and read it. Stop seeing prayer as a duty and be drawn to the One who is writing the story of your life each day. Here’s a 10 questions to ask ask you spend time with Jesus.

1. What is Christ saying to me today in this scripture?

2. What sin is He revealing to me? What do I need to confess?

3. What area of my life is God moving me to change?

4. What specifically is He asking me to do…for Him? For my spouse? For my Kids?

5. How is my heart? In what ways am I drifting?

6. What promises do I need to trust today?

7. How is the Holy Spirit prompting me today to life out His purpose?

8. What tempting situations do I need to avoid today?

9. In what way is He moving me out of my comfort zone?

10. What area do I need to stop saying “one of these days” and simply do for Christ today?



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