New Series @ Epic: unCERTAINty

16 10 2008

Financial Recession.

Housing Values Plummeting.

Job Insecurity.

In such an uncertain world, where do we go for answers? Although God doesn’t offer easy solutions, He is offers himself as our anchor of hope no matter what we face in life. Our world is uncertain. Our God is not.

10.26 Certain Faith
11.2 Certain Hope
11.9 Certain Peace

We actually had a another series on Parenting planned…but Jesus showed up and called and audible. Uncertainty is everywhere…it’s our conversation around the office, dinner table and neighborhood. I believe that God has too things planned for us in this series. I believe He is going to encourage us AND challenge us. We’ll find hope, peace and certainty of Christ in the middle of uncertain times, but also the strength to share this hope with have in a relationship with Jesus with others that others who are searching.




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